What are Signature Seals?

About Signature Seals:

Signature seals have been around for centuries now. The concept of seals first came up in East Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, etc. The basic concept of Signature seals is that they are for printing stamps or impressions on paper. These stamps or impressions which the Signature seals imprint are used in form of signatures on official paperwork, important documents, letters, art, contracts, etc. The Signature seals are used for the sole purpose of taking authorship or acknowledgement for some work. All of us have seen Signature seals in those historic movies where secret letters or conspiracy documents are sealed with secret Signature seals of some secret organization. The countries which still use Signature seals along with electronic signature are Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. In ancient times they were also used by royal families in Europe. Americans also used Signature seals on important documents when they were on war with the British army.

Uses of Signature seals:

Many seals are used for many purposes and work in different ways. If you talk about letter Signature seals then they are used to seal letters containing confidential or personal information. In old days they were used to make sure that the letter was only opened by the person to whom it was intended. If the seal on the letter was broken, it meant that the letter was opened and read by someone who wasn’t supposed to read it. Signature seals are generally unique meaning no one else can duplicate it for forgery purposes. Still some royal dynasties and societies in East Asia use Signature seals to seal their letter. Currently Signature seals are used as company seals. Many government as well as private organizations have their own unique Signature seals. Confidential files or forms or classified data are often stamped with these seals to let people know who has the authority. Signature seals are a means of claiming authority or acknowledgement for important pieces of work or information.

Working of Signature Seals:

Signature seals are stamps which leave an impression on a piece of paper. There are two elements associated with Signature seals. They are both dies which are responsible for leaving an impression on a piece of paper. The die which has an inverted image of the seal is dipped in the second die which is basically ink. When this ink dipped die is pressed onto a piece of paper it leaves the straight image of the Signature seal. Government organizations generally create their own unique Signature seals so that they cannot be forged by anyone else for illegal purposes. One example of Signature seals is in airports when you check in and checkout, your passport is stamped with Signature seals. The stamps used are official government stamps and their original dies are safely guarded by the government. You can understand the repercussions if such an important Signature seal is forged and used for wrong purposes. In case of company seals of private organizations they are generally developed by organizations themselves so maintain the seals’ authenticity and integrity.

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