Tactics for Using Facebook Marketing for Business Promotion

Maintaining an ever-expanding customer base and keeping your clients happy are the main priorities that should be the objective of a business. There are different ways of achieving this goal. The use of social media has become widespread nowadays and more and more people are using it. The top social media platform that’s being used is Facebook, which has more than 1 billion users in different parts of the world. This social platform offers businesses plenty of opportunities for expanding and developing their brand, company and products and services. People spend half their day on social networks so it is the best exposure there is.

Facebook One of the simplest ways for building up the prospects of the business is to get Facebook likes in as high number as possible. However, liking a Facebook page should be made as easy as possible. It can be extremely unsuccessful and time consuming for people to search for Facebook pages. The best way to ensure that customers are able to find the page of the business is to promote the Facebook URL that should be used for direct access. Apart from that, Facebook users should also be offered proper incentives for liking the Facebook page of the business such as exclusive fans-only deals and discounts.

The page can also be utilized for inviting all Facebook fans to different sales and promotions. It is necessary for a business to update the page regularly with fresh and interesting content, but not so frequently that clients get irritated by it. The frequency should be determined properly to ensure that the content remains appreciated by the customers. Hassan, a social media expert from marketing-heaven.com, says “when discounts and bonus deals are offered to customers for liking pages, it will encourage others to do same. This is an excellent way to promote the business to the masses”. Customer loyalty can be built in this manner and repeat business is also stimulated.

Facebook also has the feature of Offers that can be used for free. Discounts can be shared by the business with the customers by posting offers on the business’s page. When the offer is claimed, it can be used by customers for shopping at the company’s store. The ads create tool will enable people to create offers in this way. It is an ideal way of building brand awareness amongst the target audience and attracting new customers to the business name. Facebook also offers businesses the opportunity of placing ads on the social network.

One such ad is that of sponsored stories that display the interaction of the user to their friends. For instance, if a page is liked by an individual, it will be displayed to the person’s friend list. The purpose of this form of advertisement is to capitalize on the word of mouth concept. The user is more likely to pay attention if they realize that the particular page has been approved by several friends. The primary purpose of Sponsored Stories is to encourage users in following their friends and joining the business page, thereby expanding its customer base.

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