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Subway Surfers is an endless running game and it is easily accessible on smartphones as well as PC. A lot of people love playing Temple Run during their free time. Though Temple Run is also much exciting and inventive but in spite of running for ancient money on ruins, hills and parklands, Subway Surfers allows you to collect money on railroads. Subway Surfers is mainly developed by SYBO Games and co-developed by Kiloo, a private company in Denmark. The best part of Subway Surfers is that it is easily available on Android as well as iOS platform. If you are having a smartphone with you, then you can visit the android market online and download this app for free. If you want, you can also consider downloading this game on your computer system.

What is this game all about?    

Subway Surfers is a fast pace, endless running game and it features colorful and whimsical designs. The characters of this exciting game are playing the role of youthful hooligans. An inspector finds them applying graffiti to a metro railway train and hence, he tries to catch them. The youthful hooligans run on railway tracks grabbing gold coins and dodging trains simultaneously. You just have to help these youthful hooligans in escaping from hurdles and other objects and collecting more and more coins.

Subway Surfers was launched in the year 2012 and most of its updates are based upon seasonal holidays. However, the 2013 updates of Subway Surfers are based upon World Tour. Many cities are being showcased in this running game such as New York City, Paris, Beijing, New Orleans, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Miami.

Tips for beginners

The main motive of the game is to make a hooligan character run as far as possible. Subway Surfers is an endless running game and you have to just avoid all the randomly generated obstacles and help your hooligan character in collecting more and more coins. You can allow your player to jump, duck and dodge on trains and tracks. You can also collect power-ups, keys, coin magnets, jet packs, hoverboards, mystery boxes, score boosters, mega headstarts and super sneakers. The Subway Surfers gameplay takes place in 3-D perspective so, it will become much easier for you to collect coins and dodge railway tracks. You can allow your character to surf on hoverboards, collect coins in air with jet pack, soar over railway tracks and pick up mystery boxes for exciting gifts.

Since January 2013, every new update of subway Surfers features a new city. The whimsical designs and graphics of this game also get updated from time to time. Installing Subway Surfers is very easy. You can log on to and download this exciting app for your PC. You can visit the android market and download Subway Surfers app for your smartphone. Subway Surfers is really an exciting game and I’m sure, this endless running game will surely bring out the competitive monster inside of you. For more updates, you can log on to the official website of Subway Surfers and download you’re your favorite theme for Subway Surfers.

Author Bio:  The author is well versed with this new app Subway Surfers. So, you can get some accurate and authentic information on how to play Subway Surfers.

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