Proliferation of Cellphone Call Spy

Cellphone is the most important invention of the technological era of human kind. It helps you to stay connected with the world at every moment of your day – even when you feel the need of some privacy. The downside to this magnificent technology is that it opens a window of your private life to the world – keeping you unaware. Before you know something is intruding into your private life, all your personal details have been shared with your intruder by spying through your cellphone. Spying through cellphone is increasing manifold, as the intruder can perform this task remotely in a stealth mode, without the assistance of any physical help.

Evolving Technology

Before the cellphones were introduced in our lives, spying through your phone was carried out by simple wiretapping, in which your conversations could be listened and later, recorded. The call tracking software opened new avenues for spying – a more powerful one. All it requires is to install spy software into the target’s cellphone – and you don’t even have to get hold of the cellphone to perform this task. With highly malicious spy tools being developed over time, now the attackers could remotely install spy software in the target cellphone by sending anonymous text message. Therefore, it has become quite easy for hackers to invade your privacy through cell phone tracker.

Surveillance made easy

You don’t have to use sophisticated bugs or spy tools to conduct surveillance of the target. Now you can track anyone by using the GPS system and cellphone towers to identify the exact location of your target – if their GPS is activated. You can spy anyone from the comfort of your home – just log onto the website of the spy tool and enter the target’s cellphone number. The site will send a customized text message to the cellphone containing the spy software, which will activate upon receiving a reply from that number. Once a reply is sent to the message, you can spy through their voice calls and text messages. Data of the cellphone will be transferred directly to the dashboard, while also giving you the location of your target.

Taking one step forward


Now, you have located your target and gained access to the private data of the cellphone; but you want to know their current activities. It’s hardly a task for a specialist. You can activate the cellphone call spy – send an anonymous message to the target cellphone, which will activate the microphone once the message is opened. Once activated, this will allow you to listen to the surroundings of your target, giving you enough information about their activities. Through this spy software you will get to know about the current activities and location of the target, provided the GPS is activated on the target’s cellphone. One such spy tool is Flexispy, which activates the microphone of the target cellphone and enables you to know every bit of detail happening around your target.


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