Old technology we once loved and cherished, surprisingly coming back into fashion again

Technology is forever developing and the growth year after year is expanding, we’ve seen some incredible transformations. MyVoucherCodes indicates an infographic showing clear content of old technology being reborn and popularised again.

Sometimes with the news and information we receive, about a new product, we want to instantly jump to the improved updated version, letting the old one drift away. Whether it’s for decorative purpose or general use old technology seems to be returning from typewriters to digital watches there’s so many, it seems old things never expire.

This article refers to old tech we once owned, astonishingly coming back to our hands after it being traded places with new and improved versions overriding it.

List of classic goods:

Fax machines

Is a telephonic transmission of scanned printed material from being printed text or images. Whether or not it sees today’s eyes, some people are referring to the old system for their personal use again.

Vinyl record players

For those too young to know, listening to vinyl records playing music in the form of a flat disc going round in a circular motion, read by a needle. In 2015, 1.3 million vinyl albums were sold in the UK alone. Even after moving on to CDs, mp3 downloads and music streams the numbers were still high for the old systems.

Retro phones

The Motorola Razr, Nokia 3310, Sony Ericsson Walkman were all first released back in early 2000. They are slowly and surprisingly returning into fashion again. People are finding the long reliable battery life and simple resources of the phone are an easy way to get what they want done.

Costing a lot less than your standard smartphone into today’s world, people are turning to old ways for a low cost go to phone. The quality of calls were better being with less expensive data services and having actual real buttons to press instead of a touchscreen.


Instant camera which prints off pictures has soon come back into reality again. People are feeling at ease with this simple tech, no worrying where your digital photo ends up. Photos can be backed up on iCloud without people even realising. Hackers are out there, and with this knowledge Polaroids makes are worry disappear. In the past even celebrities have been hacked into seeing their personal pictures.

Using Polaroid cameras and even analogue cameras with film mean people are a lot more careful about what they take and more thought goes into what sort of things they take pictures of. These kinds of pictures tend to have a lot more meaning, than quick snaps on mobile phones.

Digital watch

Watches are self-explanatory but with digital watches coming back into life again it’s even easier to read and tell time. Made first popular back in the 70s through to the 90s the Casio watch is hip.defunct-tech

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