Apart from making profits, every massage business has the aim of attracting more clients while still maintaining their loyal customers. In this case, a good body rub service provider needs to market his services to the intended public to arouse interest and capture attention.

However, one needs to familiarize themselves with the proper procedures and creative ideas for marketing to pull in more clients. Bear in mind that your competitors are also on the same marketing boat hence you will need to come up with innovative ideas that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and gain the highest appraisal among your clients.

Marketing mistakes to avoid

  • Assuming that your vast experience will attract more customers

However good you may be at offering body rub services, the demand for them may otherwise be low. Being good or the best at offering massage services doesn’t also mean that you are a good marketer as well. Even with the best of skills, people will tell others about you, but if no one is aware of your business, it will just be hopeless.

You will need to clarify your message out to the people to let them know of your existence and why they should choose you over others available. Follow-ups are also essential skills for a good marketer.

  • Failing to target your intended audience

You should know the people interested in the services unto which you offer. Familiarize and focus on the target audience instead of the general public to avoid inconveniences of negative reviews from people who aren’t even attracted in the massage services you’re offering.

  • Using the marketing materials that don’t work

Marketing materials include brochures and websites. There are materials you pick for your massage business that may fail to work. It is good to understand the right materials to use and how to develop them to get the best outcome, especially when using them for marketing purposes. Hiring professionals may also be a good deal to bring in more clients.

  • Failing to target existing/ loyal clients

Bear in mind that more than half of your business is made up of already existing clients while potential customers hold a small fraction. Failure to sell your business to your loyal customers over and over again tends to make them lose interest hence pushing them away.

  • Absence of proper market research and testing

Research and testing are essential for marketers as it helps in determining the outcome or performances of your efforts to market that body rub business of yours. Its absence may lead to negative results as it will entail guessing your clients’ needs.

Marketing suggestions for your massage business

  1. Build a private or personal brand

To stand out from your competitors, it is vital that you connect with your client personally. Express your business as a companion to your clients.

Establish yourself more on platforms with many followers such as Facebook and Twitter, while majoring into more photo-based platforms such as Instagram thus allowing you to create your brand.

  1. Share helpful information with clients and potential customers

Consider regular suggestions on how to treat your body well or general physical health and relaxations tips. This will, in turn, arouse curiosity in the clients and capture their attention more.

  1. Ask for something in return

This includes contact information and referrals from your clients. Getting your customers’ email addresses, for example, allows you to keep in touch with them and maintain a healthy relationship built over periods.

  1. Offer incentives

Try giving exclusive deals to customers for their participation in your marketing activities for your massage business. Those incentives may be in the form of discounts or treats.


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