How You Can Optimize A Multilingual Video For SEO

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It goes without saying that when the question of search engines arises, YouTube manages to grab the second spot only after Google. Therefore, if YouTube is considered a pivotal search engine, it is equally important to focus more efforts towards SEO for the same. One of the unique things about YouTube search engine is that it restricts its searches only to YouTube and therefore focussing on SEO can make an immense amount of difference. It is also a known fact that YouTube is a global platform and therefore, the only barrier that can stop your video from going viral could be the use of language. Different countries of the world are bound to make promotional videos in their native language. If you believe that your videos have a global appeal and your business can do extremely well if it gets thrown open to more exposure, you must certainly contemplate using these simple SEO tips that have been specifically designed for a multilingual video. You can even take help from digital marketing services India to take your videos to the next level.

1.)   Do not ignore your keywords:

This may not be your average written content however, it requires keywords nonetheless. Simply because you wish to optimize a video, be it a normal one or a multilingual one, keywords do play a vital role and their correct usage can work wonders. However, since the video is multilingual, you need to translate the keyword from English to the one you are aiming for. Being cautious while translating is important. Many people make the silliest of errors by adopting literal translation of a word. It has to be contextual.

Half the battle is won when you figure out the right keywords in that particular language. If you are under confident, you can even take help from translators specialising in the language you are looking for. On finalising the set of keywords, you can begin filling them in the video title, description, tags and the likes.

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2.)   Use multiple channels:

If you are a global brand, you need to think beyond your own country and instead of having just one channel pushing out videos meant for worldwide viewing, you need to create separate channels catering to the audiences of just that country. Doing this will not only ensure that you are laying special emphasis on each section of your customers but it will also ensure that you make use of the SEO that is suited for that particular region alone. Therefore, your overall targeting gets more precise and this eventually helps you reach out to a wider audience.

3.)   Cultural differences and language should be taken into consideration:

One of the easiest ways to lose your customers is by hurting their religious sentiments or attacking their culture in unintentional ways. Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand what the culture of a particular country is before designing the SEO strategy. Usually, you may want to translate a video suitable for viewing by that particular region. Using automatic translations apps and programs can do more harm than good as they give out literal translations which may mean something totally different from what you are intending to say.

4.)   Looking beyond YouTube:

Good digital marketing services India will make sure that you come up with SEO strategies that do not rely solely on YouTube. This especially holds true if you aim at directing videos towards the Chinese and other Asian markets. YouTube is essentially banned in China and if you are aiming your videos at that market, you will have to design your SEO strategy around platforms like Youku and Tudou. There are several other Asian countries wherein YouTube does have its share of viewers but there are people who rely on other platforms more.

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