Enticing and Retaining Employee Talent Through Health Benefits

Not so long ago the business world was considered an employer’s market. With little change to the structure of a traditional business, it was always employees who were fighting to retain their position.

Of course, as the tech industry boomed, demand for highly skilled talent quickly outgrew supply in all markets and workplaces are now in a position where they need to do all they can to keep their staff.

During and as a result of this shift, high-performing businesses began to look for ways to not only entice quality employees but retain them as engaged workers. One of the obvious options was health benefits. However, it goes much further than you may think.

Dental, as an example. Once the sought-after benefit for the average workforce, these benefits now extend to full reparative cover, including teeth whitening and even Invisalign.

Optical is another prime example. Where once an employer would contribute to the cost of an eye examination, employees now receive spectacles and contact lenses. Even employees seeking high-level optical services out of town, such as Lasik treatment  are provided full reimbursement, including travel and accommodation.

However, it doesn’t stop with medical services such as these. Recognizing that comfort and wellbeing are strong contributors to employee performance sees employers not providing financial reimbursement for massage services, but offering them directly in the office.

For employers looking to attract and retain talent, items such as these have quickly become staple items to include in an offer. On these, employers are looking to target their health benefit offerings.

Employers looking to entice female employees, as an example, will create a benefits package which includes items targetted to women’s health. Similarly, if an employer understands that a perspective employee is preparing to establish a family, an employer will offer to extend the benefits to cover additional family members.

In the modern business world, employees are aware of their talent and the results it brings to a company’s bottom line. For this reason, high-quality staff will demand high-quality employment benefits. And while it can be tempting to continue looking, remember that an employer often reaps the largest rewards when it comes time to report earnings and performance.

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