5 Ways in Which CloudFlare Will Get You More Website Traffic

Cloudflare is not just about decreasing your page load time and improving website security. There are nearly 10 other ways by which you can use this tool to improve your site performance. However, this article will just talk about the top 5 ways by which Cloudflare can make your website stay ahead of your competitors. If you don’t have this tool right now, ask your hosting reseller to provide you Cloudflare CDN and security with the hosting package.

Here are 5 ways of using Cloudflare to improve website performance:

  1. Minification

Also called as Minimization or Minimisation, this process refers to the removal of unwanted code, characters, lines from the programming source code. This redundant data slows down your website and turns away several users who otherwise could be your loyal customers. Cloudflare removes this unwanted stuff while improving your site load time.

There are three types of file Minification that Cloudflare does:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML

Installing Cloudflare the right way can help you get rid of unwanted scripts, characters, lines and code. If you are unsure of installing this platform, get help from your developer.

  1. Free SSL

SSL certificates are not just good for Ecommerce certificates; they are useful for even a small blog which has just been launched. When you add Cloudflare to your website, you automatically get the SSL coverage. This means that all the data stored in your website server (files, text, audio, images, videos, etc) becomes secure because of Cloudflare. Bots and hackers won’t be able to access your valuable information. If there is credit/debit card information on your website server, it will stay safe.

The best part about this functionality is that it comes free with your Cloudflare account.

If you haven’t installed Cloudflare account yet, ask your hosting reseller to set it up for you. By the way, installing Cloudflare is quite easy for all those who are not coders and have zero technical skills.

  1. DNS Security

Each year, websites are attacked by forgers, which create their duplicate identities. With Cloudflare on your platform, you can mitigate this threat. With Domain Name System Security Extension, you can make your DNS secure. Click ‘Enable DNSSEC’ and protect your DNS.

  1. Image Optimization

Do you know 60% of web page size is contributed by images? This means that if your web page is loading very slowly, the most obvious cause is heavy images. Reduce their sizes by installing Cloudflare on your web platform.

There are several WordPress tutorials on ‘how to optimize your web page images?’ Similar tutorials are also available on other Content Management System (CMS) platforms like Joomla and Magento as well.

Improving site load time by as less as 2 seconds can positively impact your conversion data, and image optimization is a great way to achieving this goal.

  1. Load balancing

With this functionality, you can ensure that your website is still up even when its backend servers are down. Cloudflare distributes your web traffic to several servers and ensures that your site is always available for its visitors.

Remember, if your website goes down for even a second, you may lose several business opportunities so ask your hosting partner to provide you with Cloudflare. Launched in 2009, this web platform is used by millions of websites globally to enhance their performance. If you are considering to launch your online business shortly, consider adding Cloudflare to your website.



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